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RF Power Transistors Cross Reference

Click on the following links to jump directly to the desired RF power transistor prefix:

Part Number ASI Exact Replacement ASI Similar Device  
AM1011-070 Consult Factory  
AM1011-075 Consult Factory  
AM1011-300 Consult Factory  
AM1011-400 Consult Factory  
AM1011-500 Consult Factory  
AM1214-100 ALR100    
AM1214-200 ALR200    
AM1214-325 ALR325    
AM80912-005 AJT006    
AM80912-015 AJT015    
AM80912-030 AJT030    
AM80912-085 AJT085    
AM80912-150 AJT150    
AM81214-006 ALR006    
AM81214-015 ALR015    
AM81214-030 ALR030    
AM81214-060 ALR060    
BFQ42 Consult Factory Back to Top
BFQ43 Consult Factory  
BFQ43S Consult Factory  
BLF147   VFT150-28 Back to Top
BLF175   VFT30-50  
BLF177   VFT150-50  
BLF242   VFT5-28  
BLF244   VFT15-28  
BLF245   VFT30-28  
BLF246   VFT45-28  
BLF278   VFT300-50  
BLF368   VFT300-28  
BLU11/SL   ULBM2SL Back to Top
BLU15/12   ULBM10  
BLU20/12 ULBM15    
BLU30/12 ULBM25    
BLU45/12 ULBM45    
BLU60/12   ULBM45  
BLU99   ULBM5  
BLV10 VHB10-12F   Back to Top
BLV11   VHB10-12F  
BLV12 VHB25-12F    
BLV13 VHB40-12F    
BLV20 VHB10-28F    
BLV21   VHB10-28F  
BLV25 FMB175    
BLV30 TVU002    
BLV31 TVV005    
BLV33   TVV030A  
BLV33F TVV014A    
BLV36 TVV100    
BLV37 Consult Factory  
BLV57 TVU012    
BLV58 TVU025    
BLV59 Consult Factory  
BLV62   TVU150  
BLV75-12   VHB80-12  
BLV80-28   VHB125-28  
BLV97CE CBSL30    
BLV98CE CBSL15    
BLV99/SL Consult Factory  
BLV100   CBSL6  
BLV103   CBSL6  
BLV193   CBSL15  
BLV194 CBSL15    
BLV945A CBSL30B    
BLV945B CBSL30B    
BLV947 CBSL100    
BLV948 CBSL150    
BLW29 VHB10-12S   Back to Top
BLW30 VHB25-12S    
BLW31 VHB25-28S    
BLW32 TVU0.5    
BLW33 TVU001    
BLW34 TVU004    
BLW40 VHB40-12S    
BLW50F HF75-50F    
BLW60C VHB50-28S    
BLW76 HF75-28F    
BLW77 HF100-28    
BLW78 Consult Factory  
BLW79 ULBM2    
BLW80 ULBM5    
BLW81 ULBM10    
BLW83 HF30-28F    
BLW84 VHB25-28F    
BLW85 VHB50-12F    
BLW86 VHB40-28F    
BLW87 VHB25-12F    
BLW89   CBSL2  
BLW90   UML3  
BLW91   UML10  
BLW95 HF150-50F    
BLW96 HF220-50    
BLW97 HF220-28    
BLW98 TVU004    
BLW99 HF75-12    
BLX13   HF30-28S Back to Top
BLX13C HF30-28S    
BLX14 Consult Factory  
BLX15 HF150-50S    
BLX39 HF75-28S    
BLX65 Consult Factory  
BLX65E Consult Factory  
BLX65ES Consult Factory  
BLX68   ULBM2  
BLX91A   UML1  
BLX92A   UML3  
BLX93A   UML1  
BLX94A   UML25S  
BLX94C   UML25S  
BLX96 TVU001    
BLX97 TVU001    
BLX98 TVU004    
BLY87A VHB10-12S   Back to Top
BLY87C VHB10-12S    
BLY88A   VHB25-12S  
BLY88C   VHB25-12S  
BLY89A   VHB25-12S  
BLY89C VHB25-12S    
BLY90 Consult Factory  
BLY91C VHB10-28S    
BLY92A VHB10-28S    
BLY92C VHB10-28S    
BLY93A VHB25-28S    
BLY93C VHB25-28S    
BLY94 Consult Factory  
LT3046 OSC-0.7L   Back to Top
MRF-134 VFT5-28   Back to Top
MRF-136 VFT15-28    
MRF-137 VFT30-28    
MRF-138 VFT15-28    
MRF-140 VFT150-28    
MRF-141 VFT150-28    
MRF-141G VFT300-28    
MRF-148 VFT30-50    
MRF-150 VFT150-50    
MRF-151 VFT150-50    
MRF-151G VFT300-50    
MRF-160 UFT5-28SL    
MRF-161 UFT5-28    
MRF-162 Consult Factory  
MRF-171 VFT45-28    
MRF-172 VFT80-28    
MRF-174   VFT150-28  
MRF-226 VMB1-12T    
MRF-227 Consult Factory  
MRF-229 VHB1-12T    
MRF-232 VMB10-12S    
MRF-233   VMB10-12S  
MRF-234   VMB40-12S  
MRF-237 Consult Factory  
MRF-240 VHB40-12S    
MRF-240A VHB40-12F    
MRF-247 VHB80-12    
MRF-313 Consult Factory  
MRF-314 VHB25-28F    
MRF-314A VHB25-28S    
MRF-315 VHB40-28F    
MRF-315A VHB40-28S    
MRF-316   VHB125-28  
MRF-317 VHB125-28    
MRF-321 UML10    
MRF-323 UML25S    
MRF-325 UML25F    
MRF-326   UML70  
MRF-327 UML100    
MRF-392 UML125B    
MRF-393 UML125B    
MRF-401 HF30-28S    
MRF-406 HF20-12F    
MRF-410 HF15-28F    
MRF-410A HF15-28S    
MRF-421 HF100-12    
MRF-421MP HF100-12MP    
MRF-422 HF220-28    
MRF-422MP HF220-28MP    
MRF-426 Consult Factory  
MRF-427 Consult Factory  
MRF-427A Consult Factory  
MRF-428 HF150-50F    
MRF-429   HF150-50F  
MRF-429MP   HF150-50F  
MRF-433 HF50-12F    
MRF-448 HF220-50    
MRF-449A HF20-12S    
MRF-450 HF50-12F    
MRF-450A HF50-12S    
MRF-454 HF75-12    
MRF-455 HF50-12F    
MRF-455A HF50-12S    
MRF-458 Consult Factory  
MRF-460 Consult Factory  
MRF-464 HF100-28    
MRF-464A Consult Factory  
MRF-466 HF75-28F    
MRF-492 Consult Factory  
MRF-492A Consult Factory  
MRF-604   OSC-0.7L  
MRF-627 ULBM05    
MRF-630 Consult Factory  
MRF-641 ULBM15    
MRF-644 ULBM25    
MRF-646 ULBM45    
MRF-652   ULBM5  
MRF-653   ULBM10  
MRF-838   MLN1027SS  
MRF839   MLN1030SS  
MRF841F   MLN1033S  
MRF890 CBSL2SS    
MRF891 CBSL6    
MRF892 CBSL15    
MRF894 CBSL30    
MRF898 Consult Factory  
MRF1000MA Consult Factory  
MRF1000MB AVD0.5P    
MRF1000MC Consult Factory  
MRF1002MA Consult Factory  
MRF1002MB AVD002P    
MRF1002MC AVD002F    
MRF1004MA Consult Factory  
MRF1004MB AVD004P    
MRF1004MC AVD004F    
MRF1015MA Consult Factory  
MRF1015MB AVD015P    
MRF1015MC AVD015F    
MRF1035MA Consult Factory  
MRF1035MB AVD035P    
MRF1035MC AVD035F    
MRF1090MA Consult Factory  
MRF1090MB AVD090P    
MRF1090MC AVD090F    
MRF1150M AVD150    
MRF1250M AVD250    
MRF1325M AVD350    
MRF1946 VHB25-12F    
MRF1946A VHB25-12S    
MRF2001 ASI2001    
MRF2003 ASI2003    
MRF2005 ASI2005    
MRF2010 ASI2010    
MRF4070 VHB80-12    
MRF5174 UML3    
MRF5175 UML5    
MRW2001 ASI2001   Back to Top
MRW2003 ASI2003    
MRW2005 ASI2005    
MRW2010 ASI2010    
MRW2301   ASI2302  
MRW2304 ASI2304    
MRW2307 ASI2307    
MRW3000 ASI3000    
MRW3001 ASI3001    
MRW3003 ASI3003    
MRW3005 ASI3005    
MRW52501   MLN2030SS  
MRW52601 MLN2033F    
MRW52602   MLN2033F  
MRW52604 MLN1037F    
MRW53501 MLN2027F    
MRW53601   MLN2027SS  
MRW53502   MLN2030SS  
MRW53602   MLN2030F  
MRW53505   MLN2037F  
MRW54501   MLN2027SS  
MRW54601   MLN2027F  
MRW62601 OSC-1.3SH    
MRW62602   OSC-2.0SM  
MRW63601   OSC-1.3SH  
MRW63602   OSC-1.3SH  
MSC1000M Consult Factory Back to Top
MSC1000MP AVD0.5P    
MSC1004M AVD002F    
MSC1004MP AVD002P    
MSC1035M AVD035F    
MSC1035MP AVD035P    
MSC80185   MLN2027SS  
MSC80186   MLN2027SS  
MSC80195 MLN2027F    
MSC80196 MLN2030F    
MSC80197 MLN2033F    
MSC81020 ASI1020    
MSC81058 ASI1010    
MSC81111 ASI1005    
MSC81118 ASI1002    
MSC81250M AVD250    
MSC81325M AVD350    
MSC81350M AVF350    
MSC81400M AVD400    
MSC81402   ASI2302  
MSC81450M AVF450    
MSC82001 ASI2001    
MSC82003 ASI2003    
MSC82005 ASI2005    
MSC82010 ASI2010    
MSC82040   MLN1027SS  
MSC82100 MLN1027F    
MSC82302 ASI2302    
MSC82304 ASI2304    
MSC82306   ASI2307  
MSC82307 ASI2307    
MSC83301 ASI3001    
MSC83303 ASI3003    
MSC83305 ASI3005    
PT8809A ULBM2   Back to Top
PT8810 ULBM5    
PT8811A ULBM10    
PT8852   VLB40-12F  
PT8852A   VLB40-12S  
PT8853 VLB40-12F    
PT8853A VLB40-12S    
PT9700   UMIL1  
PT9701B UML5    
PT9702B UML10    
PT9703B UML15    
PT9704B UML25S    
PT9730   VHB10-28S  
PT9731 VHB25-28S    
PT9732 VHB10-28S    
PT9734   VHB25-28S  
PT9780 HF100-28    
PT9783   HF75-28F  
PT9783A   HF75-28S  
PT9784 HF75-28F    
PT9784A HF75-28S    
PT9785 HF100-12    
PT9790 HF150-50F    
PT9798 HF75-50F    
RF1029 MLN1033S   Back to Top
RF1030   MLN1037S  
RF1032 MLN1037S    
SD1134 ULBM2   Back to Top
SD1135 ULBM5    
SD1135-03 ULBM5SL    
SD1274 VHB25-12S    
SD1274-01 VHB25-12F    
SD1275 VHB40-12S    
SD1275-01 VHB40-12F    
SD1398 CBSL6    
SD1405 HF75-12    
SD1407 HF100-28    
SD1411 Consult Factory  
SD1414 UHBM45    
SD1423 CBSL15    
SD1424 CBSL30B    
SD1433 ULBM10    
SD1434 ULBM45    
SD1446 VLB70-12F    
SD1448 TVU004    
SD1455 TVV020    
SD1456 TVV100    
SD1457 FMB075    
SD1458 TVV014A    
SD1459 TVV030    
SD1460 FMB150    
SD1463 UML125B    
SD1470 UML100    
SD1476 Consult Factory  
SD1477 VHB100-12    
SD1480 VHB125-28    
SD1487 HF100-12    
SD1488 ULBM35    
SD1489 TVU025    
SD1490 TVU025    
SD1492 TVU150A    
SD1528-06 AVD015P    
SD1528-08   AVD015F  
SD1530-01 AVD035P    
SD1530-08   AVD035F  
SD1534-01 AVD075P    
SD1534-08   AVD075F  
SD1538-02   AVD150  
SD1538-08   AVD150  
SD1540   AVD350  
SD1540-08   AVD350  
SD1541-01 AVD400    
SD1541-09 AVF450    
SD1542 AVD550    
SD1542-04 AVF600    
SD1542-42 Consult Factory  
SD1563 AUR300    
SD1565 AUR500    
SD1650 Consult Factory  
SD1660 Consult Factory  
SD1680 Consult Factory  
SD1726 HF150-50F    
SD1727 HF150-50S    
SD1728 HF250-50    
SD1729   HF100-28  
SD1730   HF220-28  
SD1731 HF220-50    
SD1732 TVU014    
SD1733 HF75-50S    
SD1855 Consult Factory  
SD1888-03 ASAT25    
SD1891-03   ASI4003  
SD1893-03   ASI2010  
SD1894   ASAT10  
SD1895-03 ASAT15    
SD1897 ASAT10    
SD1899 ASAT30    
SD2900 UFT5-28SL    
SD2902 UFT15-28    
SD2904 UFT30-28    
SD2921 VFT150-50    
SD2922 VFT300-50    
SD4010 TVU020    
SD4010-03   TVU020  
SD4011 TVU004    
SD4013 UML25F    
SD4017 CBSL30    
SD4100 TVU100    
SD4200 TVU150    
SD4590 CBSL150    
SD4600 CBSL60B    
SD5000 MLN1033S    
TP251   ULBM05 Back to Top
TP254   ULBM2  
TP254S   ULBM2SL  
TP301   MLN1027SS  
TP302   MLN1027SS  
TP303   MLN1030SS  
TP304   MLN1037S  
TP2031 Consult Factory  
TP2032 VHB10-12S    
TP2032F VHB10-12F    
TP2033 VHB25-12S    
TP2034 VHB40-12S    
TP2034F VHB40-12F    
TP2037 VHB40-12S    
TP2300 Consult Factory  
TP2304 VMB40-12S    
TP2306 Consult Factory  
TP2307 Consult Factory  
TP2314 Consult Factory  
TP2317 VHB25-12S    
TP2325 VHB25-12S    
TP2330 VHB40-12S    
TP2330F VHB40-12F    
TP2370 Consult Factory  
TP2502 ULBM2SL    
TP2503 ULBM5SL    
TP2505 ULBM5    
TP2505S ULBM5SL    
TP2510 ULBM10    
TP3009   MLN1027SS  
TP3009S Consult Factory  
TP3010   MLN1027SS  
TP3010S Consult Factory  
TP3020A CBSL2    
TP3023 Consult Factory  
TP3024A CBSL30B    
TP3026 CBSL30    
TP5002 MLN1030S    
TP5002S MLN1030SL    
TP5050   ULBM45  
TP8828 VHB10-12S    
TP8828F VHB10-12F    
TP9380 FMB075    
TP9383 FMB150    
TP9386 VHB125-28    
TP9390 Consult Factory  
TPM401 MLN1027S   Back to Top
TPM401S MLN1027SL    
TPM405 UML5    
TPM425 UML25S    
TPM4100   UML125B  
TPM4130   UML125B  
TPV364 TVV010   Back to Top
TPV375 TVV020    
TPV385 TVV014A    
TPV387   TVV014A  
TPV394A TVV005    
TPV590 TVU0.5B    
TPV591 TVU0.5B    
TPV593 TVU002    
TPV595A TVU014    
TPV596A TVU0.5    
TPV597 TVU001    
TPV598 TVU004    
TPV695B Consult Factory  
TPV698 TVU004    
TPV3100 TVV100    
TPV3250B Consult Factory  
TPV5055B TVU025    
TPV7025 TVU025    
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