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D Diodes

ASI supplies a replacement line of D diodes originally made by Alpha. Theses D diodes are primarily detector/mixer diodes.
For DH292-60 price, delivery, and datasheet, see the part table below. For details about parts other than DH292-60 click on the desired part number in the parts list at the bottom of this page.

Part Table

  Part Number Description Datasheet Price Delivery
DH292-60 Diode Contact us Contact us

Looking for a part number different than the one found in the table above? For another part in the same part family, see the list below. For other part families, enter the part number into the Part Finder Search above.
Part List

D4082AMR D4128 D4128-99 D5047 D5047-18 D5047C
D5082 D5082DR D5501 D5501C D5503B D5503C
D5504C D5504CM D5506B D5506C D5507C D5819-92
D5829 D5843 D5847-68 D5847-68MP D5847A D5910BM
D6533 DC1504-8 DC1504E DC1544-4 DC1557 DC1590
DC1593 DC1593-1 DC4228-820 DC4229D DC4255B DC4298
DC4372B DDC2354-00 DGB8221 DGB8422-75 DH200-01 DH200-10
DH200-12 DH204-02 DH204-03 DH208-01 DH240-02 DH241
DH241-01 DH241-08 DH241-13 DH252-08 DH252-13 DH252-20
DH252-29 DH256-14 DH256-17 DH256-20 DH256-32 DH257-04
DH282-04 DH292-13 DH292-27 DH292-44 DH292-47 DH292-60
DH292-77 DH293-01 DH301C DH302D DH303-11 DH303-19
DH304C DH313-03 DH314-01 DH314-02 DH315 DH352C
DH353C DH363C DH364-05 DH365 DH401 DH403
DH435-01 DH435B DH452-01 DH462 DH485C DH490-01
DH532-16 DH543 DH603 DH623 DH624-00 DH633-01
DH634-02 DH634B DH636-02 DH636-06 DH636-0C DH726-01
DH726-02 DH730 DH735 DH738-03 DH738-06 DH739-02
DH741-04 DH742 DH742-09 DH745 DHV6730-25 DMA6334-93
DMC5504-18 DMC5504-19 DMC5504C DMC5504CM DMC6224 DMD6885
DMD6886 DME2333-230 DME3013-131-012 DME3055-99 DME3057 DME3058
DME6569 DMF2390 DMF2828-000 DMF2835-99 DMF3290-000 DMF5845A
DMF6460 DMHX6421 DMJ2824-000 DMJ2832-232 DMJ2852-000 DMJ6777
DP3000C-44 DS35-02A DSB3608-04 DSG6405 DSG6405-000 DSG6405-30
DVA6735A DVB4376 DVB-4376-99 DVB6100A DVB6101-18 DVD610149
DVD6101-49 DVE4575-06 DVE4575-A-320-001 DVE4576-B-350-350-00 DVG5564-51 DVG5764-50
DVH6730-23 DVH6733-20 DVH6734-14 DVH6740-19 DVH6760-23 DVH6761-63
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