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2SC Transistors

ASI supplies a comprehensive line of 2SC transistors.
For 2SC549 price, delivery, and datasheet, see the part table below. For details about parts other than 2SC549 click on the desired part number in the parts list at the bottom of this page.

Part Table

  Part Number Description Datasheet Price Delivery
2SC549 Transistor Contact us Contact us

Looking for a part number different than the one found in the table above? For another part in the same part family, see the list below. For other part families, enter the part number into the Part Finder Search above.
Part List

2SC1015 2SC1039 2SC1040 2SC1042 2SC1075 2SC1206 2SC1207 2SC1232
2SC1233 2SC1251 2SC1252 2SC1378 2SC1414 2SC1425 2SC1533 2SC1534
2SC1535 2SC1539X 2SC1554 2SC1600 2SC1605A 2SC1608 2SC1729 2SC1733
2SC1791 2SC1822 2SC1823 2SC1824 2SC1837F 2SC1946 2SC1946A 2SC1965
2SC1966 2SC1967 2SC1968 2SC1968A 2SC1969 2SC1971 2SC1972 2SC2031
2SC2032 2SC2033 2SC2065 2SC2081 2SC2083 2SC2094 2SC2097B 2SC2097H
2SC2098 2SC2101 2SC2103A 2SC2149 2SC2160 2SC2161 2SC2162 2SC2163
2SC2237 2SC2283 2SC2284A 2SC2285A 2SC2290 2SC2312 2SC2340 2SC2341
2SC2367 2SC2395 2SC2506 2SC2507 2SC2509 2SC2538 2SC2539 2SC2585
2SC2586 2SC2627 2SC2628 2SC2629 2SC2630 2SC2641 2SC2642 2SC2694
2SC2695 2SC2700 2SC2782 2SC2879 2SC288 2SC288A 2SC2891 2SC2892
2SC2893 2SC2894 2SC2896 2SC2904 2SC2904MP 2SC2905 2SC2913 2SC2946
2SC2949 2SC2951 2SC2952 2SC3021 2SC3022 2SC3041 2SC3096 2SC3133
2SC3139 2SC3140 2SC3141 2SC3217 2SC3218 2SC3240 2SC3240MP 2SC3259
2SC3307 2SC3628 2SC549 2SC600 2SC627 2SC628 2SC653 2SC654
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