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ASI supplies a replacement line of PTB transistors originally made by Ericsson and Infineon which they have now obsoleted. Theses PTB transistors cover a range of UHF up to 2GHz.
For PTB20209 price, delivery, and datasheet, see the part table below. For details about parts other than PTB20209 click on the desired part number in the parts list at the bottom of this page.

Part Table

  Part Number Description Datasheet Price Delivery
PTB20209 Transistor Contact us Contact us

Looking for a part number different than the one found in the table above? For another part in the same part family, see the list below. For other part families, enter the part number into the Part Finder Search above.
Part List

PTB20001 PTB20002 PTB20003 PTB20004 PTB20005 PTB20006 PTB20007 PTB20008
PTB20009 PTB20011 PTB20017 PTB20020 PTB20029 PTB20030 PTB20031 PTB20038
PTB20046 PTB20050 PTB20051 PTB20052 PTB20053 PTB20060 PTB20062 PTB20063
PTB20071 PTB20074 PTB20077 PTB20078 PTB20079 PTB20080 PTB20081 PTB20082
PTB20091 PTB20095 PTB20097 PTB20101 PTB20101A PTB20105 PTB20110 PTB20111
PTB20115 PTB20124 PTB20125 PTB20134 PTB20135 PTB20137 PTB20137A PTB20141
PTB20144 PTB20145 PTB20146 PTB20147 PTB20147 PTB20148 PTB20149 PTB20151
PTB20155 PTB20155 PTB20156 PTB20157 PTB20158 PTB20159 PTB20162 PTB20163
PTB20165 PTB20166 PTB20166 PTB20167 PTB20169 PTB20170 PTB20170 PTB20171
PTB20173 PTB20174 PTB20175 PTB20176 PTB20177 PTB20179 PTB20180 PTB20181
PTB20182 PTB20183 PTB20184 PTB20187 PTB20188 PTB20189 PTB20190 PTB20191
PTB20192 PTB20193 PTB20193 PTB20194 PTB20195 PTB20200 PTB20202 PTB20203
PTB20204 PTB20206 PTB20209 PTB20210 PTB20216 PTB20219 PTB20224 PTB20228
PTB20235 PTB20239 PTB20245 PTB20246 PTB20248 PTB20249 PTB20258 PTB20260
PTB20264 PTB20266 PTB20267 PTB20268 PTB20269 PTB20272 PTB20284 PTB20287
PTB23001X PTB23003X PTB23005X PTB32001X PTB32003X PTB32005X PTB42001X PTB42002X
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