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ASI supplies a comprehensive line of PTF transistors.
For PTF10011 price, delivery, and datasheet, see the part table below. For details about parts other than PTF10011 click on the desired part number in the parts list at the bottom of this page.

Part Table

  Part Number Description Datasheet Price Delivery
PTF10011 Transistor Contact us Contact us

Looking for a part number different than the one found in the table above? For another part in the same part family, see the list below. For other part families, enter the part number into the Part Finder Search above.
Part List

PTF10004 PTF10009 PTF10009 PTF10011 PTF10019 PTF10022
PTF10026 PTF10027 PTF10031 PTF10037 PTF10041 PTF10043
PTF10043 PTF10045 PTF10049 PTF10052 PTF10101 PTF10107
PTF10107 PTF10111 PTF10119 PTF10125 PTF10135 PTF10136
PTF10137 PTF10147 PTF10147/12 PTF10149 PTF10149/12 PTF10153
PTF10157 PTF10157 PTF10159 PTF10160 PTF10162 PTF10193
PTF102002 PTF102003 PTF102015 PTF102022 PTF102060 PTF102060/21
PTF102079 PTF102088 PTF102093      
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